Saturday, March 7, 2009

Surprise! It’s the Tea Drinker’s Birthday Week!

What does this entail? Mostly that I will need to cater to my husband’s every whim. Give him anything he wants; when he wants it. Now, before, you email me comments about “waiting on men, and women’s rights” ….I need to confess- I created the “birthday week" tradition in our home. It was my idea, and I truly love it when it’s my week (May 13). However, you know what they say about pay backs?!

This year, I have run into a problem. Today, I left for NYC , and will not be back in time for the Tea Drinker's birthday, Thurs 3/12th. Actually, I will most likely pull up to our house just about 1am- right after his birthday evening ends. I know! I know! It’s a tragedy. What’s a Wife of a Tea Drinker to do? Maybe I could arrive armed with balloons, flowers, and silly stuffed animals from the airport… but that might be too intimidating or slightly crazy for the wee hours of the morning…OR…I could -plan a surprise!

Plan of Action:

  • Request a vacation day : Friday, March 13th -DONE

  • Head to San Francisco….Visit This science museum has re-opened after ten years of renovation. Dan's been itching to go here, and of course, I want to check out their much talked about restaurant: DONE

  • Plan a “tap along” visiting San Francisco's premium beer jaunts. ,, and Hey, wine and tea all day long, makes for a boring life.- DONE

  • Check out North Beach & find a perfect little Italian joint to have dinner. Dan has been craving Pizza. The real kind. – Suggestions welcome.

  • Invite our 2 buddies who live in the city to join us- one always needs a partner in crime, plus, they really know their way around! DONE

  • Stay at The Westin - great deal, great location, and the best thing- no driving, and we get to sleep in - DONE

  • Saturday- spend the day researching tea in Chinatown-Tea Drinker’s choice

  • Saturday Night: Head back to Napa, either watch the next movie in queue from Netflix or go to the movies: A perfect, academy award winning movie with stunning cinematography, and some chai tea drinking going on.

  • Sunday Morning: Make Savory Breakfast Pudding - Dan's favorite. Serve with specialty teas from

And, most importantly, remember to cater to his every whim! Gladly..

Surprise, Honey! Enjoy your birthday week, and I will see you at 1am on Friday morning. The clock starts ticking then. Love, your wife, Tree

P.S. Go ahead, and plan a “birthday week" surprise for someone you love today. Have fun. Need ideas? Comment here. I am happy to help.


Anonymous said...

Pizza in North Beach, try Tommaso's

If you want good deep dish try Little Star:

Tree said...

Thank you! We have never been to Tommaso's. DONE

Alexa Bond said...

I wish you were my wife!