Sunday, August 2, 2009

True Bliss- Thirteen Years

The Tea Drinker and I are celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary on Monday, August 3rd. Thirteen happens to be my favorite number. It’s probably because I was born on the 13th of May just over forty years ago. Thirteen is not just any ordinary number –it has a certain mystic to it. Being unlucky and all….As a young child, I loved bragging about my birthday number. I felt brave and edgy to have been born on the 13th, and if my special day landed on a Friday, it was even better! Double scary. So, here we are celebrating our 13th anniversary, and I happy to report I don’t feel scared at all. Just thrilled that I made the right choice thirteen years ago, when I said YES, looking over Lake Ontario, as our family and friends surrounded us with love.

We have had quite the adventurous time together. We are partners in this journey. Mutual respect, deep friendship, unwavering love, and lots of laughter have kept us solid these past thirteen years. And this is exactly what will bring us right through to our golden years, too. Our married life has been filled with lots of travel- our first adventure together after a year of dating was to drive across the country from Buffalo to California, we ended up back tracking to Colorado, and making that our home for seven years. Finally, a lucky number in the story! That first adventure revealed to me that Dan was the one. And, shortly after we first met, he took me to see the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, which was telling to! Especially since years later I have learned that he would rather stick a sharp object in his eye than go to a musical. Ah well, at least he is still traveling with me.

So, it’s no surprise to us that our anniversary weekend involves a getaway to the Coast. Some years back, we were introduced to Sea Ranch. A lovely community that sits just right off HWY 1- near a small town named Gualala, which is north of Jenner, and south of Mendocino. I’ve read that Sea Ranch was quite popular back in the 50’s with the Hollywood crew- movie stars would trek to this area for downtime. The majority of the homes are rentals that are furnished, and most are equipped with a hot tub. We usually choose a home located on the Bluffs or Oceanfront with easy access to the many beaches that line the community. We love the notion of leaving our driveway, and 2 ½ hours later we are pulling up to a beautiful home located right on the Pacific Ocean. We unload all of our goodies, put them away, and immediately go for a walk down to the water. We return and start cooking! Paella, lobster rolls, chicken poblano chili are all on the menu for the weekend. The wine, tea, and conversation are flowing, and we are truly relaxed. A perfect anniversary filled with lots of love and laughter.

Pour yourself a cup of Drink the Leaf Red Peony, my favorite travel tea, and browse the rental website. Try to figure out which vacation home the Tea Drinker and the Wife chose this time. Email me your guess, and if you are correct- I will send you a package of this wonderful travel tea, gratis!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! It's nice to be in the tea business for years too.