Sunday, September 27, 2009

Loose Leaf Tea & Boot Camp- a healthy match

Brace yourself. I am now going to gush over Napa Valley Adventure Boot Camp, again. What brings this on? Yesterday, yours truly, completed Napa River Rock & Stroll 6K charity run within 40 minutes. This is the same person who less than a year ago was unable to run around the block without stopping. Back to boot camp, this outdoor fitness program is owned by Jeff and Tiffany Larson; two individuals that are completely dedicated to each other, their family, and the boot campers. Once you get over the fear of exerting yourself to near exhaustion at 5:30am in the morning with 30 other men and women, you realize that you can’t live without this fitness program. It’s one-stop get fit shopping: amazing, knowledgeable fitness instructors, nutritional advice, workout variety, fresh air, inspiring fellow boot campers, and the sweet taste of success, as you reach your goals.

After years of declaring to those around me, “I am going to the gym; do not mess with me”, I discovered that it was time for a change. My old M.O. was to dive into various classes that involved grunting and sweating (spin, kickboxing, personal trainers, elliptical torture machines, Pilates, free weights, you name it), however, I found that I still wasn't committed. A familiar pattern of working out like a mad woman, then moving into a complacent half-assed routine, and finally the inevitable—abandoning ship. What is IT about yo-yoing through life when it comes to working out? Maybe it’s as simple as not over thinking it. After I survived my first four week camp one year ago, I realized that it was a lifestyle choice. Simple, I know. Sometimes the right choices are the hardest to put into place.

Today, after making that choice to focus on the enjoyable aspect of working out (who have I become?) and finding the right fit for me, I am eager to share this experience with others. If you live in Napa, please join. If you live elsewhere, Google boot camp in your city or reach out for us, and we can help you find a reputable program near you. Put your health first, and everything else will fall into place.

Next up, I am working on getting the Tea Drinker to join me in this adventure. I am constantly challenging him to do push ups, racing him around the block, showing him my latest moves (recall the broken toe episode), but yesterday might have sealed the deal. Some of my fellow Boot Campers stopped by the Napa Valley Farmer’s Market after the race yesterday, and enjoyed Iced Cold Citrus Rooibos, the ultimate healthy re-hydrating beverage. Hmm…tea & boot camp, seems like a perfect match to me.
**remember to always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program


Anonymous said...

My, what a fine, healthy, fit group of boot campers! And Teresa, you totally rocked it yesterday! SO proud of you. Joanna

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! As a fellow camper, this post is like singing to the choir for me - I couldn't agree more! Congrats on the run - wish I could have been there.

Alexa Bond said...

You're so right; it's all about finding something you love. Awesome job, Tree!