Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drink the Leaf Iced Tea at Top Napa Restaurant

I am proud to announce that my husband, the Tea Drinker, has landed his first restaurant account in the Napa Valley. Recently the Rutherford Grill made the decision to offer Drink the Leaf’s iced tea blend to their customers. Hip, hip, hooray! This buzz of a restaurant is a staple in the valley for tourists and locals, alike. Its located on the corner of HWY 29 and Rutherford Cross Road in the town of Rutherford: population 525. The Grill serves up delicious comfort food, such as barbeque pork ribs, rotisserie chicken, and jalapeno corn bread, to loads of hungry people, and probably doubles the town's population on any given day.

The General Manager, Don, is a smart man, and he is my hero. By offering Drink the Leaf, he has helped narrow the gap between my two passions: tea and wine. Most Fridays at 11:45am(when I am not traveling) you can find me at the Rutherford Grill bar enjoying a veggie burger with coleslaw or the Sashimi Ahi tuna salad along with a big glass of my favorite wine. Thankfully, now I can add Iced Tea to my lunch diet! What a sigh of relief.

Drink tea.Drink wine. Eat well.

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