Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pu-erh & Fajitas

Honey, there’s a special on China tonight, let’s have fajitas!

Typically our day begins by planning what we should have for dinner, and whether it’s a tea night or wine night. Like most people, I assume. Okay, maybe not. On this particular day it was decided to be fair and do it all: fajitas, wine, and then drink Pu-erh and watch The Discovery Channel, which was airing a series on China. Having been to China this past summer, we were interested.

Pu-erh. I love this tea. It’s quite earthy, and a prefect way to end an evening after eating spicy food. I would not recommend starting your day with it, though. It’s more of an acquired taste. The caffeine is low to moderate, and I have discovered that I have no problem falling asleep. True, since I missed the special on TV. My husband offers two pu-erhs on his website. I prefer the Golden Pu-erh. It’s smooth, only a bit earthy, and has a nice toffee/caramel note to it. Sort of reminds of me a cognac. I had never heard of Pu-erh until my husband started researching tea. So, if you have not had it before, give it a try!
Just to note- it is not lost on me, that we had Mexican food, while chatting about how excited were about seeing the China special.

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Anonymous said...

Oooooo...earthy! I tried some Pu-erh while visiting with friends (well,OK, Wife of the Tea Drink and The Tea Drinker) at a fabulous oceanside hideaway back in in June. I agree, Puerh can be an acquired taste because 1)it's surprising--I never imagined tea could taste so rich and unusual, and 2)Pu-erh lovers need to choose the right moment to enjoy -- I'm envisioning relaxing with a comforting cup of Pu-erh this winter in Buffalo -- I'll pass on the hot chocolate during the next blizzard. RBD.