Sunday, September 14, 2008

So, What does your husband do?

I am asked this question on a regular basis. I start by reiterating that it’s a long story…from Buffalo,NY, to kitchen manager, to wine buyer in Aspen, to winemaking in Napa, to tea drinker. “Tea?!”, they yell. I can almost feel my husband cringe as he imagines everyone picturing him sitting with old ladies, surrounded by lace-- all with pinkies in the air. However, most everyone exclaims: “ You know, tea is hot, right now”. That's true, and becoming more and more popular . Phew. After a few more inquires, a plug of his website:, and discussion of whether my husband ever drinks coffee….we get back to talking about wine. My safe zone.

Yes, I have the glamorous life of traveling around the country representing a wonderful, family owned Napa Valley winery. Glamorous in the sense that I am up at the crack of dawn most mornings, out way too late, meet fascinating people on a daily basis, and the best part- talk wine and food all day. Oh yeah, there is quite a bit of selling going on, too. As I traverse the country, I can’t help think of the Yin and Yang in life-- mine in particular. Wine & Tea. Imagine- A phone call to my husband while sitting at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, enjoying a huge glass of Napa Valley Cabernet, while Dan is in Napa sampling a new arrival of the spring harvest tea. So, who’s YIN and who’s YANG? Check back often for the adventures of Tree & Dan. Its filled with travel, food, wine, hopefully adventure, and of course, loose leaf tea!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more!
Love, VineJoy

Anonymous said...

As one who grew up in an era when switching from Tetley to Red Rose was considered an adventure in tea-drinking,I'm looking forward to hearing more about your discoveries as a couple who work in two fascinating but disparate fields. I'm a writer who is suffering a sustained period of blankpageitis. Can you recommend a tea to light the flame of creativity? Wine douses it! RBD

Anonymous said...

you are so knowledgable about tea, did you go to college for it? what kind of education do you need to do this, and are you hiring?? i am currently looking for work in the tea field?? i live near you. very close

Tree said...

Anonymous- you have peaked my interest. Are you jumping ship from the wine industry? :)