Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chamomile, not just for sleepy time!

Recently while dining at a local restaurant during lunch time, I asked for the tea list. I was surprised to see Chamomile listed- hey, its lunch time- I need a boost, not a nap, afterwards. At the time, I thought it was silly to offer this selection in a restaurant. Chamomile should be enjoyed while cuddled up in bed surrounded by great books- a perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. I recant- I still believe the ideal setting is bed and books, but recently I opted for Chamomile because I had an upset stomach during the day. Immediately, I felt better. Could it be this wonderful herbal beverage can help with digestion? We have all heard about the health benefits of tea, and I personally feel that I may have found the perfect “stomach settler”!

I called to share this news with my Mom, and guess what? She had just ordered DTL Chamomile for the same reason. She told me to check out one of her favorite websites people’s pharmacy. Lo’ and behold- chamomile stimulates your appetite and helps with digestion!

So, enjoy Chamomile after you eat. There’s nothing wrong with being a little sleepy, full, and happy!

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Alexa Bond said...

It's also great for calming a crabby 5-year old!