Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 Questions for

The Napa Valley Register runs a business feature each Wednesday asking “10 Questions” of a local business owner. One of the questions always asked is- “What other business person would like to see featured?" This week’s business owner, Dawn Croft, Consultants 2 Business, answered...drum husband, Dan, The Tea Drinker, Drink The Leaf. It got me thinking. I have a few questions for him myself. So here we go—

1) How do your start your day?
Tea Drinker- It begins with my wife bellowing “TEA” from her bed, then shortly after...”CAFFEINE”, referring to black tea!

Wife-Oh. Okay, that’s true.

2) What’s your biggest challenge at work?
Tea Drinker - Day dreaming about which wine we will be having with dinner, and pushing my cat off the keyboard at least twenty times a day.

3) What’s your favorite memory from your trip to China?
Tea Drinker- While at a Shanghai tea shop, I stated to my wife, “Honey, I’ll handle this, my territory, I will order the tea.” One problem, the menu was in Chinese Characters. I faked it and pointed- ending up drinking a nice oolong.

4) What’s the strangest question anyone has ever asked you?
Tea Drinker-
“So, you’re steeping wine leaves?!”
I guess ,the causality of having your business in Napa Valley, if there is one!

5) Who is your ideal customer?
Tea Drinker- A REPEAT one.

6) Who is the CEO?
Tea Drinker- Is the correct answer my wife?

7) Are you ever going to clean the garage?
Tea Drinker- Yes, after my wife puts together the China Photo album.

Wife-Okay, fine!

8) Any tips for the first time tea drinker?
Tea Drinker- Yes, remember to add water.

9) What is your favorite quote?
Tea Drinker-“Drink the Leaf, Don’t Smoke It!” - anonymous.

10) How do you end your day?
Tea Drinker- Listening to my wife bellow…WINE TIME!

Wow, I feel much closer to my husband now. Thanks for reading and check back often.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we know who's in charge in that house...The wife, the cat, and the Tea Man!


Lainie Petersen said...

Hey there. Just posted a review of your Jade Oolong at: