Saturday, November 15, 2008

Red Peony- Are you a contender?

It’s a very opinionated world out there. No doubt. It took me a few pleas to convince my husband to submit his teas for review. What if they don’t like them? he worried. Being in the wine business, you pray if they write about you, that it is all glowing and gushing; nothing less. I told him to not worry. Every day he went on I found him surfing their website morning, noon and night. Okay, now I was getting worried, too. I am the one that convinced him to take the leap. Seek someone else’s opinion. Not to just rely on what we think- What do we know? states on their website that they are a group of tea lovers and tea writers from all over North America. All the big tea producers are reviewed on this site, while Dan’s company consists of himself, his mascot, Little One, and an occasional plug from his wife on her blog! I was hoping I wasn’t setting him up to have his dreams dashed.

Not to worry. I was in Boston, sipping wine, I mean “working”, when I received the call. Drink the Leaf Red Peony was reviewed. And, it was a favorable review! Whew. I went back to my wine, gave him my congratulations, and stressed it was not a surprise to me. They are great teas that he took the time to personally select and review, and offer to his customers. Now, I just have to talk him through the waiting period of the other ten samples that are out there for review. Living on the edge of the the tea world.

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You'll be happy to know that has now reviewed three teas from Drink the Leaf - and all three have been big hits.

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