Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blood Orange Black is Back!

Alert the masses, stop the presses, Drink the Leaf’s most popular flavored tea is back in stock. The Tea Drinker was in an extremely good mood this past week. Blood Orange Black has been missing in action for the past 5 months. This popular tea hails from Sri Lanka, and our supplier resides in Germany. Try to figure that one out.

It’s been like a covert operation around here for the last month-Tea Drinker on the phone, “Okay, did you get my order? I will take as much as I can get.” Mumbling to himself, “Alright, I am tracking it, and it should be here any day now." To me, "No, I can’t leave the premises until BOB arrives- it should be here any minute now.” The phone has been ringing, and the website buzzing with requests to fill orders. Tea Drinker has been arranging “drops” all over town.

What’s so special about this tea? It is because it’s refreshing in the summer, and comforting in the winter? I think most like the balance of this bold black tea mixed with the bright flavors of an orange essence. It’s an attractive tea, too. And affordable. This tea seems to have it all. It is addicting, and the orange flavors are not sickly sweet. In the New Year, Drink the Leaf has plans to dive more into blending tea. An interesting process where you select a high quality black tea, and mix it with natural ingredients. Such as, vanilla bean, cardamom, and other spices, and essences. I am excited. My vote is for a pomegranate tea. For now, I will settle for Blood Orange Black for the season. Let's hope that it doesn't sell out before the end of the week! Give it a try

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