Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Top Favorite Gift Ideas

Brace yourself- the holidays are upon us. Last night, we decorated our Christmas tree which easily resembles Santa Claus' bulging belly, only more lop-sided. My husband felt I was getting ahead of myself- way too early in the month for putting up a tree. Let’s see, there are 18 days left to the 25th. I know it’s not the “12 days”, but if you count shopping, wrapping, and holiday parties - you’re basically there!

Speaking of shopping, this is where I will shamelessly plug my favorite gift ideas for this holiday season. Order for your friends and family, or put these items on your own wish list for Santa. I conveniently tacked my list on the fridge- eye level.

To Give:

  • “Let it Snow”Gift Pack – Great tasting tea. Why would'nt you want to drink “snow” teas during the holidays? Well, maybe you would pass- if you lived in Buffalo...In any case, you can’t beat the price- $11 for 2-2oz bags.

  • Serenity Tea Pot- Recently we used this teapot to steep our afternoon cup of tea. I was impressed with how long the tea stayed hot. I kept commenting to my husband- “Wow, this teapot really retains heat.” A few minutes later, “Wow, the tea is still hot.” Even later- “Wow…” I am not sure my husband appreciated the play by play, but you get the picture! Great gift at $28 includes the cups, too.

  • Jade Oolong- This tea just received a great review from Lainie mentioned that this tea was the best, and etc. I totally agree with her. $15 for 2oz. Which produces about 20 cups of tea, not including multiple infusions.

To Receive:

  • Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea- I have a thing for peppermint, or anything mint. Yesterday, I bought Organic Peppermint Cookie Crunch ice cream from Three Twins, at the Oxbow Market in Napa. Delicious. Convince someone to buy you this tea- it will last longer than ice cream, and it is probably healthier, too.

  • Mini Water Kettle- We received this as a Christmas gift a few years back- BT(before tea). Today, it is our prized possession in the house, and is used everyday. Quick and easy. Also, great for heating up water for oatmeal.

  • Red Peony- This very well might be my current favorite Drink the Leaf tea. First, it just looks cool. I love plopping the rosette right into my tea cup. The aromas are great, and the flavors are intoxicating. Treat yourself. Also, this tea has been highly rated by the reviewers. See previous post- Red Peony- Are you a contender?

Well, its time to get back to counting down the days until Christmas. This year we are stealing away to the coast. I've already started my packing list: tea, wine, books, wine, cheese, tea, and wine. All set.

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