Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year Tea Drinkers!

It’s a New Year. Most have plans for changing or improving their lives. I am no different. Quite a few things are on the "To Do” list for 2009. First up, start each day with a “Stop Doing This” list. I read somewhere that this notion was the secret to success. Join me in this endeavor. Go ahead, and continue with your plans to exercise more, relax more, eat healthier, and etc. But, think about what stops you from obtaining your goals. And, ah, stop doing it.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Mix it up! Start your day with tea, instead of coffee. If you are already doing this, continue to do so, please.
  • Stop worrying if you miss a day at the gym. It will be there tomorrow. Don’t fall off the wagon because of one day.
  • Stop eating the same old meals for dinner. Try a new recipe at least once a week.
  • Don’t count how many glasses of water you are required to have each day. The more you drink, the thirstier you will become. This rule applies to wine, too. So, be careful.
  • Don’t start each morning by reading your email. Okay, a shock just travelled through your body. Don't panic, just move this item to the bottom of the list.
  • Don’t put your travel plans on hold. Book your getaway today.
  • Don’t worry about multi-tasking. Doing laundry while reading a great book is a not a bad idea.
  • Stop racing through the day. Take the time to stop and chat with people. Put this on your list, only if you have accomplished everything on it.
  • Don’t put off learning something new each day. If you are nuts about tea, food, and wine- there is still something to learn. Start with exploring pu-erhs, baking bread, and drinking more Italian wines. This is ambitious, I know.
  • The Tea Drinker plans to stop worrying about what nonsense his wife may post on her blog. Instead, he will tell her that she is unbelievably witty.

I think you get the idea. Post your “Stop Doing This” list on my blog. If your New Year's resolution is to give up making lists, then please stop...

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