Sunday, January 25, 2009

Buffalo, NY- Cold & Comforting

This picture says it all. I am in Buffalo, NY- my hometown. As soon as I stepped off the warm plane onto the jetway, a bone chilling draft ran down my spine reinforcing the obvious heard later on the car radio: “today’s high will be 12 degrees!” I dug for my scarf at the bottom of my travel bag, and started to curse the weather. Then, a wonderful aroma washed over me; it made my mouth water. Buffalo Hot Wings! I started to relax as I trudged past the new Anchor Bar location in the airport. Ah, I was home. I looked forward to a weekend filled with all of my Buffalo favorites: Pizza, Wings, Subs, Lay's Potato Chips & Bison French Onion Dip, to name a few.

It’s always comforting to visit my childhood home, even in the dead of winter. First, I am received by the “welcoming party"--my parents. From the moment I announce I am coming home, they mark their calendars, and start stocking their cupboards. I am not proud that all my favorites happen to fall into the junk food category, but I would not have it any other way. Last night, my Mom welcomed me with a turkey melt. She set the tone, and sent me on my way to my Dad’s house, where pizza awaited me. We doctored it up with mushrooms and anchovies (see photo). I can feel my husband cringing now.

Cherished memories in my life always include family, friends, conversation and a tasty meal. Wine & loose leaf tea are now incorporated into the mix, too. It’s comforting to know that I can treat myself with a memory, just by sitting down and having a slice of pizza. Well, I have to go now; Mom’s arrived with a plate of plate of olives, cheese spreads, and flatbread, all accompanied by a nice glass of Carneros Pinot Noir. Next up, how to incorporate Hot Wings into the equation. There's always the airport. Treat yourself to a memory today.

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Dan- Tea Drinker said...

Ok, I probably would have at least a dozen wings in me on the first day. Possibly fingers as well, and of course, extra blue cheese. Pizza sounds good, but skip the mushrooms & anchovies. There was no mention of Ted's hot dogs and what about Beef on Weck? Put down the olive and get eating!