Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bored? Think of Loose Leaf Tea Clues

The opposite of black is brown. Well, not exactly. But this was the clue that I gave last weekend while playing the board game Taboo with friends. Typically, I do not like board games, and this one was no different. Taboo is a game where you break up into teams, and try to get your team member to call out the word on the card drawn from the stack. Scenarios, thoughts, words and ideas are tossed around, all without using any of the obvious taboo words(also listed on the drawn card). The entire time, an opposing player looks over your shoulder making sure you do not give away any of those taboo clues, resulting in an unfair advantage. Ticking in the background is a timer, reminding you that you better get a move on with your witty self.

My aversion to board games stems from childhood. Doesn’t everything tie back to childhood? I remember panicking during Scrabble, Battleship, Pictionary, and even Mr. Potato Head! The only game that I did enjoy was Clue. This classic murder-mystery game set in a mansion, revolves around one of the guests who was killed. Telling…The idea was to solve the mystery, and answer the questions who, where, and with what. I think I liked the idea of solving a mystery, as well as, being a guest at a party that was held in a mansion.

Back to Taboo, I have to admit that I did have some fun, mostly at the expense of myself, and the wine consumed was a huge plus. However, here’s a card that I wished that I had pulled- Tea. Of course, I probably could not have used any of the following Taboo words: Black, Green, Oolong, leaves, bags, caffeine, China, coffee, English, water, steep, herbal, Camellia Sinensis, or Drink the Leaf. But, I am sure I would have confidently rattled off the following non-taboo clues to my teammate:

  • 2nd most consumed beverage in the world
  • All types are born from the same plant, which is native to Asia
  • Has existed for almost 5,000 years
  • High in anti- oxidants, helps with digestion, insomnia, and appetite
  • Not just for afternoon, can be consumed morning, noon, and night
  • Healthy, natural, organic, clean, refreshing, and soothing
  • Much like wine, sight, smell, taste, and touch are important when evaluating this beverage
  • Color, fragrance and flavor are enhanced by the varietal, season, elevation, climate, soil, geographic location, and creative hand of the grower
  • A single pound yields 180 cups
  • You do not need to raise your pinkie in the air when drinking this

Alas, this did not happen, and I pulled other cards like, crème de menthe. Doesn’t everyone know that my Mom enjoys this over her ice cream? Where’s a clue when you need it!

Comment here about your favorite board game. I will forward it to my friends…

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