Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can You Say Rooibos?

Rooibos, pronounced “Roy-boss”, is very fashionable these days. It’s attractive to look at, healthy to be around, and makes you feel cool. You would think that I am referring to the latest trend in work out wear. Nope, Rooibos is tea, well, not really tea, but something similar to tea. Hard to follow, I know. I decided I needed to know more about this popular beverage. My research started this weekend at the Farmer’s Market, as I watched the Tea Drinker sell one bag of Citrus Rooibos after another. He had an iced-version of this tea on hand for consumers to try. It was refreshing, cool, and flavorful. A hint of lemon and sweetness, but with out being sugary. All natural. The sample was certainly a hit, and Dan quickly sold through what he brought to the market.

Rooibos is attractive to most, because it’s healthy, caffeine free, and tasty. It is also packed with anti-oxidants, and has low tannins. Not as astringent as black tea, and there is no worry of “over steeping” Rooibos, as it does not become bitter. Studies have shown that drinking Rooibos can help with digestive problems, insomnia and even allergies! Sign me up.

This popular “tea” hails from Africa, and is also known as African Red Bush. However, the bush is actually green! Found in the heart of South Africa, in the Cedarberg region near Cape Town. I can feel a “research” trip coming on…Like tea, the leaves are harvested, oxidized and fermented, before being left out to dry in the hot African sun. This is where the color of the leaf turns to that deep reddish hue. Steep this tea, an it will result in a striking orange-reddish color, and give you a beverage that is all natural. No coloring, additives, or preservatives. Sign me up again.

Drink the Leaf offers three types of Rooibos, all are flavored with natural ingredients. Citrus, Blueberry, Masala Chai. Drink hot or cold. Either way its refreshing, and healthy.

Start today!

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