Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taking A Sick Day

I am reporting from bed with a steaming cup of my all time favorite tea, Organic Golden Monkey , placed by my keyboard, and my faithful cat, Little One, curled up at my feet. Just one more week, and I would have made it through an entire year without a sinus infection. Of course, there have been hints of one surfacing here and there, but I dodged the bullet each time. Then, wham, bam, thank you, M’am- nasty sinus infection and raging headache enters the picture smack during the holidays. I knew it was too good to be true to make it through 2009 without incident! We trudged through our plans anyways with a getaway trip to San Francisco, hoping that the fresh ocean air and Union Square shopping would help clear my head. When all else failed, we got cozy with Manhattans at the Clock Bar, and then treated ourselves to a well-deserved mid-afternoon nap.

It is important to note here that the Tea Drinker was officially anointed a Saint this holiday season(pictured left). He took great care of me. Providing piles of Kleenex at a moment’s notice, throat lozenges at will, and even made a Christmas Eve run to the pharmacy at 11:30pm, so that I could get a restful night’s sleep. As soon as my eyes popped open each morning, I heard the kettle on, and eagerly awaited his remedy: a flavorful cup of loose leaf tea. And, when my whining got to be too much, he poured me a glass of bubbles and then took me out for spicy food. A true dear. Snotty nose and all, I am so grateful to have spent this holiday with my loving husband(who has access to copious amounts of tea).

Thank you, Honey! My cup is empty, and I need a spot more….

Have a joyful and healthy New Year! May your cup always be full and runneth over.

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