Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 10 Highlights of 2009

Happy New Year!

Bring on 2010! The year of the Tiger. GRRR.

We had a fabulous 2009. We are eager to see what adventures are in store in 2010 for the Tea Drinker and his faithful, adoring witty wife(that's me). I hope it will include intriguing travels, tasty morsels, liberal libations, lots of friends and family, and loads of laughter.

My Top 10 Highlights of 2009

10) Michael Mina, Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, NYC's Locande Verde , Chinese New Year, or Thanksgiving at a dear friend’s home. It’s a tossup for me between which one of these was my favorite meal of 2009. I am spoiled rotten when it comes to enjoying food, and proud of it. All of the above experiences had the right ingredients: ambiance, great company, copious wine, and a downright delicious meal.

9) The Little Fishes. After years of whining about wanting a fish tank, my dear husband surprised me with one for my birthday. A highlight indeed, and the best part is that the Tea Drinker cleans the tank. Check out what our cat, Little One, thinks about this new addition to our family.

8) Mops & Pops 50th Wedding Anniversary. A milestone, and a fantastic celebration. It was a treat to spend time with our extended family back East. No, really.

7) A family Affair: Gemma Grace & Oklahoma Bound. I can't wait to meet our precious new niece, Gemma. My parents are finally grandparents at last, and can expand their pictures of offspring beyond a cute little feline that resides on the West Coast. Congratulations to my brother, Mike and lovely Rachel! In August, we descended upon the Sooner state for a relaxing and fun weekend with my brother, Nick. We wore ten gallon hats, road down Main street on throughbreds, and drank beer by the boat load. Well, at least the beer part is true.

6) Phone & Internet. I can't live without this little gadget known as the cell phone. How else would I be able to stay in touch with my best friends, Alex & Dede, and talk their ears off at will? And, a weekly highlight always includes conversations with my Dad. We talk about everything and nothing. A phone and a dame is a dangerous thing. And because of Facebook and Twitter, I was able to reconnect with college friends for a “girls gone crazy’ weekend in NYC last February. And, lived to talk about it.

5) Mommy and Me. A wonderful Happy Birthday getaway Mother’s Day weekend bash in Charleston, SC. What fun. We love this historical city, and all that it has to offer. We will be back.

4)Sea Ranch. My top ten list would not be complete without including my treasured getaway destination. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and plan a trip. But, please not when I am there, I am trying to relax...

3)Drink the Leaf Organic Golden Monkey. Of course, loose leaf tea is near the top of the list. It's my number one jump starter of the day. I am obsessed with this tea- too bad it’s really limited. I can’t imagine my life without tea, and a great book. Dramatic, I know. But, that’s how I roll.

2)Napa Valley Adventure Boot Camp. Obviously, I am equally obsessed with my ‘must have’ outdoor workout regimen. I am grateful for my health. Now, if I could just find a ‘nutrition plan’ that I am equally as obsessed about.

1) Happy New Years! For years we have rung in the new year with our great friends, the Scots. We stay at home and enjoy each other’s company with bubbles flowing and devour a fabulous meal. This year’s highlights were no exception: Cream of Cauliflower soup from Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc At Home, a ruthless game of Pictionary, and we stayed up past Midnight without any injuries.

Thank you for reading! Here's to much more fun and laughter in 2010!

** Post your favorite highlights of 2009 here**

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