Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boundless Energy- Drink Iced Herbal Masala Chai

Reporting from Sarasota, FL, where we are visiting Mops & Pops. The Tea Drinker met me at his parents' house on Friday afternoon. He braved the California weather, and boarded a delayed red-eye out of SFO the night before, endured an early morning layover in Atlanta, and finally arrived safely in Sarasota after circling above the airport for more than an hour(due to dense fog). The Tea Drinker does not enjoy the process of travelling; this trip is another example of his unwavering love for me. Okay, he loves his parents, too. I was eager to kick off the weekend and meet my husband in Sarasota after having spent a week travelling to Orlando and Jacksonville spreading the good word. We jumped right into dining out, drinking wine, and introducing Pops to I- Beer, a 99cent application, that we downloaded onto his IPod Touch. Hey, 99 cents for a lifetime of laughs is so worth it, and its calorie free, too.

My in-laws look fantastic(see above photo), and are doing great and it must be noted that they have bounds of energy(see photo again). I am waiting for this ‘new found’ energy in life to kick in for the Tea Drinker and me. This first week back on the road after a short hiatus has proven me rusty and tired. It’s been an eventful week. Let’s count the ways: I lost and then found my cell phone car charger, conveniently forgot my wallet after offering to pick up the wine tab at dinner(my father-in-law suggests that I stick to buying complimentary mimosas at breakfast), proceeded to get lost for over an hour in a residential area with a drained cell phone and a GPS(not sure how this happened), left important beauty maintenance products back home in Napa(read: unruly hair, and tired eyes), but most importantly, I forgot to bring my treasured tea stash with me! Maybe this is the core reason to why my energy level is so low. I realize now that I have finally turned a corner in the mysterious land of tea, and can never go back to mediocre hotel coffee or stale bagged teas. Just can’t do it. I sneer, and snicker. I begged the Tea Drinker to please bring me some tea, and a new pair of contacts for my tired eyes.

Dan’s parents enjoy Drink the Leaf herbal teas every day. Of course, they offered me a tasty iced version of Herbal Masala Chai, which was great, but if you know me, I love to bellow “caffeine” over and over each morning. The Tea Drinker arrived with a bounty: Keemun Hao Ya A, Organic Golden Monkey, and Emergen-C. Perfect! This would be sure to cure all, and I felt ready to take on the world. My in-laws suggested a bike ride. Sure, why not? We left the Tea Drinker behind, as he was nursing an upset stomach. We peddled out of the driveway, and Mops & Pops took off. I trailed behind them, huffing and puffing, and pretended to look at turtles and Sand Hill Cranes while catching my breath. I was marveled by their energy, as they biked for more than 12 miles, and told me of their usual route of 19 miles. Maybe there is something to drinking herbal teas…

This week, I have certainly learned that I should start biking to boot camp, and that I should never ever leave home without tea, both fully-loaded and caffeine-free. Here's to living life to its fullest!


Mon said...

I love your blog. I think that you must be having a lot of energy as well. Just your style of writing shows this clearly.

I also love Napa valley, I had a pleasure of visiting the region on my USA trip in 2006. Napa was a highlight. I will definitely be checking your blog more often.

Tree said...

Thank you! I am thrilled that you enjoy reading. Please let us know when you visit Napa. My other life is at
Tea & Wine- the only way to go.