Sunday, January 10, 2010

Touchdown with Loose Leaf Tea!

“He- could- go- all- the- way”. I love to quote ESPN announcer Chris Berman. He makes me laugh. Funny, since the quote is tied to football, a sport that I know basically zip, nada, and nothing about. You would think since I grew up in Orchard Park, NY less than 2 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium( formerly known as Rich Stadium) that I would be well versed in football. I am embarrassed to admit that even living that close to a stadium, I never went to a game.

I guess at times my life did intersect with football. My mom used to run into former Buffalo Bills’ coach, Marv Levy, when they were both out walking their dogs. That has to count for something. And, there were a few kids in high school that their fathers were coaches or players. Another good point. Also, as a teenager, I worked at a local hot dog stand that was frequented by mountain-sized players who consumed milkshake after milkshake. I even met famed quarterback Jim Kelly a few times. A true story: once while riding my bike home from work, a rookie player (often in the news, and not in a good way) followed me in his Mercedes. He wanted to meet my parents, and ask for their permission to take me out on a date. I was flattered, but my Mom said NO. Never understood why. If she were a bit more flexible, I might now a thing or two about football today. Hmm.

In college, I spent many weekends and Monday nights in various sports bars, but I primarily focused on pitchers of beer and baskets of chicken wings. I think this is where I got side-tracked. I was doomed to know nothing about one of America’s favorite obsessions. Of course, I am talking about football, not beer. Thank god I moved across the country, and no longer fear running into famous football characters. The pressure is off, and I don’t need to know a darn thing about the game. Today, a day of watching football translates into a day of reading, relaxing, and drinking loose leaf tea. Yes, I have gone way off track.

This weekend was different. It was all about football. I admit I had an ulterior motive. There is a new bar in Napa, named the Norman Rose. A cozy tavern, with a plethora of beers on tap, a few flat screen TVs, accompanied with comfort food, including Truffle Parmesan fries. Okay, you caught me. The fries were the real reason that I suggested to my husband that we call my best friend (football fanatic), and park our butts at the bar at 4pm on a Saturday. I was not disappointed. They watched the Dallas Cowboys confidently crush the Philadelphia Eagles, while I drank Lagunitas IPA, snacked on pub cheese, and munched on perfectly seasoned fries. Just like the old days in college, but way more civilized.

Now it’s Sunday, and I have suggested to the Tea Drinker that we snuggle up on the couch with a steaming pot of tea, and watch football again. Like I said, who have I become? It’s an overcast, chilly day in Napa, and the sun is starting to peak through, and I can’t imagine any other way to spend the day. The good news is that the Buffalo Bills are no longer a point of concern for my husband, and I do not have to listen to him moan, groan, and swear. He can shelf that worry until next season, and just relax and watch the game. I have already started planning Super Bowl 44. I will be visiting the parents in Buffalo, and plan to watch the game with my Dad; I am in charge of the snacks. I got it covered. The only problem is that my Dad is a coffee drinker. Damn. I guess I will have to smuggle in some tea leaves.

Whether it be beer drinking, wine swirling, tea sipping, or actually watching the game...take time to enjoy the sport of your choice today!

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