Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reporting From High Altitude

Vegas is already a distant memory, as I swirl wine at this year's Aspen Food & Wine Classic. Not a tea leaf in sight; really a shame! The Tea Drinker and I used to live in this town of the rich and famous. We peddled wine by day, and lived for hiking, skiing, and biking on our days off. Then, wine won, healthy lifestyle took a backseat, and we moved to Napa to pursue our passion. Thank goodness, we have since introduced loose leaf tea into our life. Balance is so important in one's life.

The Tea Drinker is home recovering from the World Tea Expo (yes, I am being sarcastic-the altitude brings it out in me). Me, I am tripping down memory lane, and wishing I brought Drink The Leaf teas with me on this trip. This weekend in Aspen is all about wine,food,parties,sunshine,and fresh air. But, I do not feel complete without my tea (and Tea Drinker). Actually, I think I am just dehydrated from all the wine drinking, and goofy from lack of oxygen...

I have nothing more to report, as I have a party to go to-yes, I realize it's 10:00am. That's how we roll in Aspen. A perfect example of precisely why I should have brought tea (and the Tea Drinker) with me. Balance.

Drink tea today, and everyday

**I apologize for any typos-I am posting from my iPad!

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