Sunday, October 11, 2009

Got Goose Bumps? Drink Tea.

It was a cool 52 degrees in Napa this morning. Foggy and cozy. A perfect setting for drinking tea all day. The Tea Drinker’s Internet and Farmer’s Market sales have certainly picked up with the recent dip in temperature. Cool weather brings back tea drinkers who were on a hiatus over the summer months from our favorite beverage. Welcome back! We are ready for you with lots of new tea selections—perfect for fall and the upcoming winter months.

Put on your fuzzy slippers, dig out a handy infuser, and select your favorite Drink the Leaf loose leaf tea. Next, shelf those stressful thoughts about Thanksgiving plans, Christmas gift shopping, raking leaves and preparing for fall, end of year travel season, and selling lots of wine…Whoa- Sorry, I got carried away. Focus--pour yourself a cup of tea and soothe your worries away…

What’s your fancy? Here are mine:

Organic Golden Monkey- I crave this tea. I start most mornings by bellowing from bed that I need this tea. Sorry, Keemun- I still love you, and will call soon. Golden Monkey will make you want to jump around and hang from the chandeliers. A flavorful organic black tea from the Yunnan Province. You will love the finish –cocoa, cocoa, and more cocoa. Try it!

Organic Chic Chai- This tea screams that fall and winter are here! Break out this aromatic tea and you will warm up right away. Black tea intermingled with cardamom and vanilla. Add milk and sugar if you really want to go all out.

Organic Golden Pu-erh- Definitely one of the coziest teas we offer. Any time that I mention Pu-erh to someone, the first thing they say, “Is that the tea that is buried in the ground?” Okay, what’s not appealing about that?! Pu-erh is ancient, rare and mysterious. Enjoy this tea after dinner; a perfect answer for when you want to grab another glass of wine. Instead, steep yourself a cup of Golden Pu-erh. Your head will thank you in the morning.

Go ahead, put the kettle on!

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Anonymous said...

I'll go for that Golden Puerh. That's my fancy. All kinds of Puerh for me as long as they're raw and young. Yes, I prefer the green stuff. I'd even go so far as to say I don't like the aged Puerh. --Teaternity