Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chips, Dip & Loose Leaf Tea

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLLLL? I can only imagine the frenzy people are experiencing today. Friday (while in the Chicago Airport on my way home to Buffalo) I saw loads of people decked out in team gear with beer cozies in hand, ready to take on the weekend. Yesterday I ventured into Wegmans grocery store with my Mom; it took us an hour and half to battle the Chip Aisle. Quite the sight—Buffalonians are normally crazy for their Chip N Dip on any given day, but with Super Bowl XLIV looming, look out.

Okay, if you have read my posts before, you are well aware that I am not mesmerized by football. But I love nothing more than sitting on the couch reading a good book, sipping loose leaf tea or drinking wine (or in this case, spending time with my Dad at his home in Batavia, NY) while watching the game. We have a fun packed day planned: chips and Bison French Onion Dip, pretzels, Buffalo Chicken Wings with real bleu cheese, and Turkey & Pastrami Reuben sandwiches. We got it covered on the food front. I am armed with the final sappy book of the Twilight series (Breaking Dawn) and plenty of Organic Chic Chai to keep me warm and wide awake for the best entertainment of the day—Super Bowl commercials!

The Tea Drinker is at home in balmy Napa, CA, relishing in the thought of having the couch to himself. With his feline mascot stretched out behind him, he is stocked with plenty of good food & wine. Every Sunday during the past football season we have promptly called my Dad after each game to agonize over the lowlights and celebrate the highlights. (Remember, my husband is in charge of the post-game chit-chat—I’ve been reading a book.) This Sunday it will be fun to hang out with my Dad and Edward Cullen (Twilight) as we root for the…

Have fun, and be safe.

** Photo: Please do not try this at home. I think it’s illegal

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Maria said...

You're my hero! I'll feel like I've arrived to tea enlightenment the day I have tea with my football, chips and dip ;)