Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Tea Drinker!

It’s the Tea Drinker’s birthday week! This tradition of celebrating for a week was implemented by yours truly many years ago. The rules are simple. The "birthday person" chooses when their special week begins and it ends seven days later( it must include the actual birth date). Being your birthday you get to choose the lucky recipient to coordinate and organize your every whim. This person is usually a spouse, significant other, or a best friend (who else would put up with this type of behavior?). Sound fun? Well, it can be, if it is your birthday.

How does one officially kick off the birthday week? Believe me, you will know exactly when the festivities begin. For example, our week began with something like this: one early morning the Tea Drinker rolled over and proclaimed, “Honey, can you get me a cup of tea?” I replied, “I am in the middle of something-sleeping.”. The Tea Drinker's rebuttal, “Birthday week”. Simple, no arguments. I lose. He wins. Let the games begin.

The key to a successful birthday week is to mix it up. Keep your partner in suspense. Food, wine, tea, exercise, fun activities, and etc. all sound like a normal week for us. But, this is where you are wrong. Only one person is deciding this agenda. For example, are you always the one to take out the garbage? Clean the kitty litter box? Feed the fish? Not this week, it’s your birthday. Are you craving Mexican food one night and barbeque the other? No problem. What can I get you? I think you get the picture.

The Tea Drinker’s birthday week involved many things that we both enjoy: going out to eat, drinking great wine, planning our upcoming trip to Japan, and a plethora of tea tastings for Drink the Leaf . We accomplished all of this without any disagreements. Of course, what's to argue about when it's your birthday week! Give it a try. Your loved one will thank you. The key is to remember to be very careful in what you ask for during your week, because "birthday paybacks" can be hell. Since, this birthday week is not our first rodeo, things are going smoothly.

Well, I have to run. The Tea Drinker has an itch, and I have to scratch it.

Happy Birthday, Honey! Lots of Love. XOXO

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