Sunday, March 21, 2010

Run Tea Drinker, Run!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the photo of me about ready to cross the finish line at this year’s Carneros Vineyard 10K Run, which benefits the Carneros Volunteer Fire Department -Station 10. At that precise moment, I was happy, proud, and feeling great. I was also extremely proud of my fellow runner friends(see below). The Tea Drinker was there to cheer us on and document our success. He is my number one cheerleader without the pom poms. My husband greeted me bright and early this morning with an energizing snack of peanut butter on whole wheat toast, and a tall cup of one of my all-time favorite teas, Red Peony. Then came the pep talk with words of encouragement, such as, “Think of that glass of wine you will be handed once you cross the finish line(we are in Napa Valley, after all), and the pancake breakfast prepared by fireman”. He was right, I believe I have run more than 6.2 miles before for a glass of wine.

Before the race, I stretched, foam rolled(a tortuous boot camp apparatus), sipped on loose leaf tea, and visualized crossing the finish line. And what a vision it was: a race set in the heart of Carneros (with a perfect running temperature of a cool 48 degrees) surrounded by rolling hills filled with mustard and grapevines. As you can see, I proudly wore my Napa Valley Adventure Boot Camp t-shirt. I would not have attempted this run without the support and encouragement of my workout mentors, and friends. They got me here today, and continue to help me accomplish my goals. Hooray for Boot Camp! Here I go again…gushing about Boot Camp.

I am now back home still wearing my race bib number while drinking Clouds & Mist. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate! Drink loose leaf tea and let your imagination run wild.