Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cycle for Tea

My blog has a flat tire. Its run out of air, speed, and wind. Wait- that’s me. A short posting today, as I am headed to Auburn, CA to watch a portion of the first stage of Tour of California. This road race has become the largest cycling event in America. The ride is divided into eight challenging courses, that begins in Nevada City and ends in Southern California on the 23rd of May. Actually a portion of this race will ride right through Napa, and whiz by my “home away from home”, where I will be watching with other spectators. There is also a non-profit component to this race, which is a nice touch. The bio technology company, Amgen, is the primary sponsor. This company focuses on the development of innovative medicines that are made available to treat cancer. “Breakaway from Cancer” is another leg to the race sponsorship bringing awareness to the resources available to cancer patients.

Are you eager to know if I am an avid cyclist? Well, I'm not. I have tooled around a few times in my life, but never have been a cyclist. I have always admired and marveled at the likes of Lance and Levi, but never felt the urge to jump on a road bike. The thought of taking on the four wheels of this world(whose drivers have one ear to a cell phone ) sends chills down my spine. Instead, I recenlty purchased a town cruiser(see photo above) that takes me to the grocery store and back via less traveled roads.

However, I am sure after today’s experience, I will be bugging the Tea Drinker to join me in my new passion, road biking. I will wake up every day and do deep knee bends, wear lots of padding on my rear end, don a helmet, and bike to work. I will utter strange words, and rattle on about sprints, time trials, road rash, and wheelsuckers. I will have Iced Herbal Masala Chai in my water bottle and feel the wind at my back. Then, I will snap out of it, and remember that I am totally out of steam, and can’t take on another hobby. But, I could be convinced...


Anonymous said...

You can do it! I support the new hobby :)

Alexa Bond said...

Getting on mine this week!