Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ultimate Craving for Peppermint Tea

Let’s just say, I am on another health kick. With my boot camp passion firmly in place, I am working on adding stretching and flexibility to my agenda. I can hardly touch my toes, unless there is a potato chip laid out before me or a slice of pizza from Oenotri. This morning, I headed out the door to attend a local Bikram Yoga class. You may remember my attempt at this a couple of years back, an amusing situation where my dear husband thought I was going to “burping yoga”.

This morning's sweat session lasted for ninety minutes and was filled with 26 traditional postures. I am happy to report that I survived(minus being a bit dehydrated and left feeling like a “salt lick”). Right after class, the strangest thing happened--I began craving peppermint tea. One would think that water, a nap, and carbohydrates would be first on my list. Thank goodness, I am married to the Tea Drinker and can have Peppermint loose leaf tea at will. This craving got me musing about how one’s body speaks to you about what its lacking. I decided to take this opportunity (while recovering on the couch) to research the health benefits of drinking peppermint tea. Lo and behold, I found out that this herb is one healthy treat.

First up, you have to like the flavor of peppermint. It’s very distinctive. I have to admit it was hard to focus as my mind kept wandering back to the holidays where I consumed my fair share of peppermint bark from the Vintage Sweet Shoppe. I digress; back to health. In my research, I discovered that peppermint(menthe piperata) is a natural hybrid of spearmint, and watermint. Peppermint is unique in that it contains a powerful therapeutic ingredient, called menthol. This natural ingredient brings loads of benefits through the volatile oil contained in the leaves.

Let’s get healthy!
Check out these great benefits of drinking peppermint tea.
• Treats irritable bowel syndrome.
• Helps ease nausea, and upset stomachs.
• Strengthens the immune system- fights cold and flu.
• Relieves stomach and menstrual cramps.
• Contains high amounts of calcium, Vitamin B, and potassium.
• Improves digestion, and reduces heartburn. Enjoy a cup right after you eat.
• Dissolves gallstones.
• Great as a natural breath freshener. Smooch. Smooch.
• Alleviates muscle aches, headaches and chronic pain.
• Clears congestion, helps with allergies, and colds.
• Combats stress. Sign me up!
• It’s caffeine free, refreshing, and hydrating!

Now, I completely understand why my body was screaming for peppermint tea! Drink the Leaf offers peppermint tea that is organically grown in Washington. You can serve this herbal beverage hot or cold. I actually prefer drinking it at room temperature.

Now I am so darn relaxed, that I need a pick me up. I better move onto Keemun Hao Ya A. I still have a lot to get done today!

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